Since 2004, has been working with food and beverage premises across Ireland.

We are very pleased with the detail of your reports and your service… The reports are very clear and give us the important data that we need to manage our operation effectively.”
Conor Merry, Retail Operations Manager
The O2 & The Bord Gais Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin

How do we differentiate oursleves?

  • We are the ONLY stocktaking business in Ireland who have a Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • We use the best in barcode and scanning technology
  • We present all reports on the day which ensures that any discrepancies are immediately resolved
  • We compare the ACHIEVABLE Margin in comparison to the ACTUAL Margin so that your beverage is accurately tracked
  • Reports include No Guess Work as all open bottles of spirits and kegs are weighed
  • A detailed variance report assist us in highlighting EXACTLY where losses are occurring
  • We provide assistance with identifying where variances and losses occur and assist with putting a system in place which stops shrinkage continuing

“Knowledge is Power” – Sir Francis Bacon

By having a high level of knowledge about your stock, you can operate an efficient, low cost business.

“ has worked with us for over five years. In an operation such as The Twelve where F&B is tantamount to our business success; accurate, detailed and informative reports are of the utmost importance. has successfully aided the Twelve in achieving excellent F&B results.”
Fergus O Halloran, General Manager, The Twelve Hotel, Barna, Galway

Our customers benefit from knowing that their stock is accurately measured and controlled. This is a vital part of ensuring that profit margins are maximised and that all levels of stock shrinkage is reduced.

We specialise in food stocktaking and accurately measuring the gross profits margins of dishes. This ensures that this potential “high waste” area within your business is measured and managed efficiently; for what you cannot measure you cannot manage.

Accurate food stocktaking is not simply a matter of counting the food stock on hand. It is the analysis of the recipe costing, portion control and receiving the best prices from your suppliers. ensures that our food stocktaking service ensures that your chef’s time is spent on delivering quality food to your customers rather than on counting the stock. compliment your chef’s work rather than replace it.

For beverage stocktaking we measure our spirits by weighing each open bottle and open kegs. This ensures that our stocktaking reports are 100% accurate.

We can tell you what your sales should be, and then compare it what it actually is.

This way we can then analyse the result and ensure that losses are quickly identified and those losses are directly related to the specific products.

“Patrick has carried out Stocktakes for us and we have found him to be very professional. Stocktaking was carried out with a great level of expertise, planning and attention to detail. We will certainly continue to use the services of Patrick’s Company and I am very pleased to endorse him and”
Norma McCambridge, McCambridges, Shop Street, Galway

We would be delighted to speak with you further in offering you an excellent service for a great price.

There is a selection of sample reports below for you to download.

You can call us on 091 762001 and we would be pleased to speak with you.


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See below a selection of sample videos and reports on our service

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Click Here to Download Till Variance Report
Click Here to Download Valuation Certificate Report
Click Here to Download Bar Summary Report
Click Here to Download Itemised Count GP Report
Click Here to Download Purchases Report Report