1. You know your margin at the click of a button
Knowledge is power and by you knowing your margin regularly allows you to make informed decisions about the progress of your business

2. Your stock levels are at an optimum level
Because you know what you are selling you do not order in stock which is not selling and reduce slow moving lines from stock

3. Your cash flow improves
By having your stock levels reduced it ensures that you have better turnover of stock and improved cash flow as a result

4. Your EPOS is up to date
No products are received into stock unless they are ordered through the system which states the prices of the stock items. If on arrival the price or barcode has changed, it can be immediately updated

5. No non-scanning items at the till
By scanning deliveries you are updating all new barcodes onto the system. This eliminates stock discrepancies and inaccurate prices being charged at the till

6. No office administration manually entering dockets
Depending on your EPOS, in most cases, by having a scanner at the back door you are immediately updating the delivery into the EPOS and this in-turn reduces your costs

7. Your staff will become more efficient
Staff becomes more interested in their role as they are responsible for ensuring that deliveries are immediately before placing onto the shop floor

8. Staff retention improves
Recent studies have revealed that job satisfaction (and not the rate of pay) is the No. 1 reason for staff satisfaction within their role. This results in improved staff morale and staff retention

9. Reduces costs of services such as accountancy fees
By highlighting pricing discrepancies immediately on arrival, you are eliminating the need for your accountant to forensically review invoices and statements several months down the line in order to rectify discrepancies

10. You, as the business owner, has FULL CONTROL over your business