1.5 – 2% increase in your Net bottom line! At Last! A video which will assist you in deciding whether you should operate a live stock system. This video asks the important questions that will assist you in deciding on whether it is right for your business.We speak to Tom Meehan, a retailer who runs two stores, Spar Roscam and Mace Tuam, both in Galway. Tom has been operating a live stock system and is on top of his game when it comes to achieving a top margin for both his business’s

We asked Tom the following ten questions in the below video;

  1. Why did you decide to operate a Live Stock system?
  2. Why did you do it at this time/stage in the business?
  3. What did you do to prepare for moving to live stock?
  4. Increased labour costs appear to be a concern for people thinking about moving to live stock. What would you say to them about that?
  5. Has it been easy to implement?
  6. How has your business changed as a result of this?
    Has your Stock Levels reduced.
    Has your ordering improved?
  7. How has accurate stocktaking improved your business?
  8. Do you have a cycle count system in place for certain departments?
  9. How much has having a live stock system in place added to your margin? (In % terms, not monetary)
  10. If you were to do it all again, what three pieces of advice would you give to someone thinking of implementing this type of system

We hope you find the video informative and we would appreciate your feedback.

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