Here’s 15 reasons why you should consider it.

    • Shop staff, in general, dislike counting stock
    • Too much time being wasted in scheduling, training, monitoring staff to ensure
      they are counting correctly
    • In-house counting of stock is not impartial and results could be falsified
    • The hassle of conducting the stocktake and managing staff to ensure
      accuracy is difficult and unproductive
    • It’s a long day and can result in lost revenues and increased staff costs
    • Increased overtime costs/out of hours costs with in-house stocktaking
    • The headache of scheduling staff for the stocktake and also the regular operational duties

  • Additional Management hours are spent monitoring count staff and their work to ensure accuracy when stocktaking
  • It’s taking vital management and staff time away from running the
    business and serving the customer
  • They are asking staff to do a job that they don’t want to do and are not trained to
  • There is an additional cost of renting scanning equipment
  • Untrained staff conducting a stocktake will not result in an efficient stocktake versus trained staff who are conducting stocktakes on a daily basis
  • Stocktake taking too long while purchases and sales are still in progress
  • Same day reporting of results may not be possible
  • Shop closure will result in lost revenue can assist businesses in counting their stock in the most efficient manner possible. Our team of trained professionals, ensure that from the first point of contact that your requirements are recorded and communicated to the front line members of our Team.

This ensures an excellent result, every time.

Still want to count your stock in-house? Try DigiTally!
  • Digital Stocktakes
  • Eliminate pen, paper, Excel and double entry
  • Reduce stocktaking time by 66%