Conquer the Count!

For many managers stocktakes, whether monthly, yearly or anything in between are usually the most dreaded time of the period. The mundane chore of counting every single item on the shop floor, in store room and warehouses as well spending … Continued

5 Tips to beat the January slump

The Christmas decorations have been boxed up and put away, everyone’s ditching the booze, the fitness DVDs are out and the masses of shoppers are nowhere to be found. As a small business owner these few weeks are seen as … Continued

10 ways to Reduce Stock Losses in your Business

In 2015 alone there was an estimated €255 million worth of stock stolen in Ireland with €56 million of that being lost over the Christmas period. This doesn’t account for loss due to damaged goods, pricing discrepancies in-store and miscommunication … Continued

Price vs. Value

Did you ever look at the price of an item and decide that ‘it’s crazy’ and ‘not worth that price!’? We all have, but in many circumstances we don’t take in account the work that has taken for it to … Continued