How do YOU choose the right Stocktaker?

  • Anyone can count!
  • I undertake the stocktakes myself – sure aren’t the staff here anyway
  • I’m always here myself
  • my accountant doesn’t think I need a stocktake
  • Its too expensive to do a stocktake
  • I tried outsourcing it before and they were a nightmare
  • I hate stocktaking!

Believe it or not, the above points are the most popular reasons for people not undertaking stocktaking with

For us as a business that provides businesses with a 100% accuracy service we do find it surprising.
With stocktaking in general, it is not a sexy or glamorous subject, but think about the consequences of

  1. not undertaking stocktake correctly
  2. not undertaking the stocktake at all

If you have a business that either undertakes the stocktake for you, or you undertake the stocktake yourself, we would like to ask you this… What measures are in place to ensure that

  • the count is correct?
  • your product file/information is being used?
  • figures are not being “plucked from my arse”(as a shop owner once told us about his current stocktaking company)?
  • are there rechecks being undertaken
  • information being presented is not being distorted so as to make it “look” right?

Profitability is measured by accurately having a control on your margins. If your stock is valued incorrectly then you face making incorrect decisions based on inaccurate information.